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Corey created the topic: Introduction

Hey everyone

Nem has been pestering me to put somthing here so i might well throw up some dick pics of my arcade to get things started

In the "near" future i will be posting about other thing like buying arcade hardware (and other things) from japan

if you have any questions ask below and i may answer them some time this year if you be good and buy me a four pack of mother.

Sega Blast City

System 256 wityh tekken 5.1. System 256 is made by namco and is based on a ps2.

Tatio Type X2. currently disassembled due to dead GPU (static still kills things). Taito Type X2 is based on standard PC hardware with windows xp embedded. i currently have BlazBlue: Continuum Shift as well as a Multi with most of the publicly dumped games on it.

Naomi + Netdimm. Naomi is made by Sega and is based on a dreamcast. my Naomi is currently setup to play games sent to it via network from my PC.
Also in the picture is my JVS I/O Board this is what most newer arcade boards use for controls and having video and sound separate from everything else. older boards used a JAMMA connect which carried the everything from the arcade board to the cabinet.

Sega Blast City running Tekken 5 (my monitor needs adjusting)

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mrnemesis replied the topic: Introduction

Nice hobby Corey and a very cool setup. So can that setup play multiple games or just the ones shown. Oh and when are you sending me one?


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Corey replied the topic: Introduction

It can play most arcade boards that use normal stick and buttons.
Some wiring may need to be adjusted for some boards but there are finger boards that can help.

at the moment i am collecting a bit more on the recent side more for the extra bang for buck.
Standalone boards for popular games can cost $300+ Eg. UMK3, Street Fighter 2+.
Where as the naomi setup cost me $300 for everything and i can play most games the naomi has to offer. also bying the carts for naomi are around the $100 - $150 mark so collecting originals is a bit cheaper. there are still the odd title that costs $300+.

I do plan on doing an in-depth of the different hardware available with some rough pricing and what not.

If people are interested in getting in to the hobby feel free to hit me up on TS or on the forums and i can get you started and help with acquiring what you may want.

I would send you one nem but....... you're a dick so..... NO!!!


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