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are you serious you're a ginger. well guess this friendship is going down hill from here


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-no demands were made?

you can try and state that as much as you like but saying if you dont change your server to what i want i wont play is plain and simple a demand.

- I can say whatever I want in private conversations

that you can but just because you didn't make a public issue doesn't mean it didn't happen.

I tried so hard to grow the community

only if it suited you. you made suggestion to change server so you and your friends would play then a week later you's didn't play again. this happen on multiple occasions

Attitudes like what you are showing right now is why myself and others left.

good plain and simple good. it's the attitude of people like you that made me step down. your an entitled douche bag that time and time again used the i wont play if you don't do this/that card.

-if you remember I was made a mod on various servers and TS due how I respond to angry people and issues within the community

you were made a mod so i didn't have to deal with people. you weren't chosen for any particular abilities

They wouldn't listen and would just get butt hurt about it.(you are kind of proving my theory here with how you have handled my initial post. Which was a suggestion)

not really butt hurt just done being nice and respectful to you. i have no reason to anymore. that's the great luxury of not being an admin anymore. i can now call you out.

I do feel like Nem or someone should just remove all this

actually let me try being you for second. hey nem delete these posts or im gonna leave the community because i dont like it.

ewww. that feels dirty like cheap 2 dollar hooker dirty. lets not do that again

One last thing, I reread my first post and yes I could have worded the last sentence a bit better I didnt mean for it to sound as attacking as it could be read so apologies for that but the response was a bit uncalled for.

how the hell did you get it sounded attacking. it was demanding. there wasn't an attack it was plain and simple ill play if you change it to this. but knowing past experience from you it would only last a week.


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firstly you didn't suggest shit. you tried to make a demand with out wording as one.

no i couldn't take it down if i wanted not an admin anymore. but while we are at it you did kick up a stick in private discussions with people.

Yes this is how "I" choose to respond to "you". this kind of response would have come about regardless where you posted. do you really think because you're the only one who posted it would make me change my attitude when you post something like that when clearly you dont want to be apart of the community.

so it was action like these that made you leave. what about the countless occasions you and your friends made people leave one of day0's server due to your douche baggery. but thats ok because it you and your such a great part of the community so it shouldnt matter.

anyway thought i better state this also these are solely my opinions if you dont like them feel free to to either share your own or not chances are high i wont give a shit either way


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hang on let me get this straight. some thing happens to someone that isnt you but you kicked up a stink and said you're leaving and not coming back. now you're back played an hour and stating what is setup will never work and "suggest" the people who set it up change it so "you" will play on it.


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Also one major thing discord doesn't have is a dedicated text channel for the voice channel you are in. given you can make a text chat for the channel but that will get messy fast with a community like ours.

Again i dont want to put discord down. i do actully like it but it just doesn't have everything we need in the right capacities we need them.

In saying that TS really need to step up there game soon or discord might surpass it.

I just read spookys posts over in the other thread and thought i would give a response here.

Because we have our own dedicated server we can host the Teamspeak server on this and only need to pay teamspeak for a licence once a year. it also means we have full control of everything. if something goes wrong we can fix it. if something goes wrong with discord then its up to discord to fix it. also we can back up our server on a schedule so if someone get a high privilege and run rampant with it we can restore it back with little effort.


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I use both daily and i have to say teamspeak still out performs discord in every regard for voice.

Now when it comes to text comms discord wins hands down. but saying that teamspeak has never really tried all that much as its focus is voice.
Siscord also has a better in some ways permission system it uses a blend of hierarchy and group based permissions which is great for clans and gourps meaning once they have a tag they can then get permission to that channel and only that channel.
Where as teamspeak is pure hierarchy based so if all groups are at the same level they can enter any channel at that level. not all a bad thing but would be nice if it had a bit of a group based system

For using discord instead of teamspeak. i'd have to say no its not there yet and we have zero control over it besides what i would call super mod abilities. there is no way of knowing what is happening in the background. You cant guarantee privacy either.
Also with having a big focus on text based chat without a simple way to clean a lot of text without killing the whole channel. moderation becomes a big task.


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yummy a 7a. try setting up a bootable usb drive with the seatools for dos on there.


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It can play most arcade boards that use normal stick and buttons.
Some wiring may need to be adjusted for some boards but there are finger boards that can help.

at the moment i am collecting a bit more on the recent side more for the extra bang for buck.
Standalone boards for popular games can cost $300+ Eg. UMK3, Street Fighter 2+.
Where as the naomi setup cost me $300 for everything and i can play most games the naomi has to offer. also bying the carts for naomi are around the $100 - $150 mark so collecting originals is a bit cheaper. there are still the odd title that costs $300+.

I do plan on doing an in-depth of the different hardware available with some rough pricing and what not.

If people are interested in getting in to the hobby feel free to hit me up on TS or on the forums and i can get you started and help with acquiring what you may want.

i'd would send you one nem but....... you're a dick so..... NO!!!


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Hey everyone

Nem has been pestering me to put somthing here so i might well throw up some dick pics of my arcade to get things started

In the "near" future i will be posting about other thing like buying arcade hardware (and other things) from japan

if you have any questions ask below and i may answer them some time this year if you be good and buy me a four pack of mother.

Sega Blast City

System 256 wityh tekken 5.1. System 256 is made by namco and is based on a ps2.

Tatio Type X2. currently disassembled due to dead GPU (static still kills things). Taito Type X2 is based on standard PC hardware with windows xp embedded. i currently have BlazBlue: Continuum Shift as well as a Multi with most of the publicly dumped games on it.

Naomi + Netdimm. Naomi is made by Sega and is based on a dreamcast. my Naomi is currently setup to play games sent to it via network from my PC.
Also in the picture is my JVS I/O Board this is what most newer arcade boards use for controls and having video and sound separate from everything else. older boards used a JAMMA connect which carried the everything from the arcade board to the cabinet.

Sega Blast City running Tekken 5 (my monitor needs adjusting)


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Corey replied to the topic 'Important announcement!!' in the forum. 1 year ago

i'll fill you in


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LJ has been banned from the server


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frodobaggins_42 wrote:

68 unique ships+variants (every ship released to date except the Vanduul Scythe and Mustang Omega)

why dont you have the scythe and mustang.
you not cool unless you have a scythe.


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