Tanoa Life RPG v0.1 Release!

7 July
Written by:MrNemesis

After lots of hard work Tanoa Life RPG v0.1 is up and live.  Thanks to the epic dev team and to all players go get your RPG on.


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Words from the desk of Benkahoots:

Hello community, thanks to the help of many people and hundreds of hours of testing and developing the Day0 development team is proud to announce that Day0 now has a Tanoa Life RPG Server. The server is currently live and we are very happy with the current release (v0.1). Although this is still a very early build we wanted to get the "bare minimum" into the mod to release
it for the public as soon as possible. Although we did add a few cool unique custom things in order to show what's in-store for the future.

The forums have been set-up to accommodate for the new mission and we are excited to see this part of the community come back to life. There you will find links to the rules, how to get whitelisted as a
police officer and the development tracker now made public for the community to see what the future plans are and what we have in mind. You can also leave your suggestions and bugs/exploits you find as well as
many more things.
Currently whitelisting applications are being handled by Harbo, Benkahoots and Raid. This means he will be choosing the whitelisted cops for the server as well as their respective ranks with some input by other life admins and moderators. There has also been a very large change in the way we handle Police Faction, Rebel Faction and Criminal Faction. These changes have been listed in the rules as well as their respective roleplay story backgrounds. These rules wont be enforced but we will look at people that embrace these rules for their respective faction and will have a better chance at getting whitelisted in the future for the faction they roleplay. The rules that are not being enforced have been marked with a strike. They are simply there as a place holder for the future.
We have put together a team of moderators and life admins which will be looking after the server. Admins being: Jawsh, TheAussieButcher and Vodkaiser. Moderators being: Wisefxx, Harbo, Benkahoots and Coco.
Special Thanks go to the developers Jawsh, Benkahoots, TheAussieButcher, MrNemesis, Overlord [ASOR], Lecks [ASOR] and Vodkaiser. These people helped extensively with the developement of Day0's Tanoa Life RPG mission.
In addition to these people the mission testing team and all the people involved in helping us find bugs, eliminate glitches/exploits and also help balance the mission. Thanks to Wisefxx, Matty, IngoHD, Harbo and Taylor Swift! All these people deserve the biggest round of applause as not for them this mission would never have finished in time (Not really on time but good enough, kinda).
I hope everyone embraces the changes and that any suggestions that are posted will be taken into considering. The development team will look at them, so don't keep asking! Hopefully we will have a really well roleplaying community out to bring the best they have to every scenario to make sure this becomes one of the best Australian life servers once again!
Roleplay like crazy, create ludicrous scenarios and have a blast!
Feature List
- Beautiful Custom Textures (Australian and New Zealand Themed)
- Custom Shops (Black Market) (3 Different Licenses)
- Custom Rebel Outpost (2 Different Licenses)
- Utilisation of ArmA 3 Apex content.
- Custom Resources (Kava, Cocoa, Timber, Banana, Coconut, Crabs, Sugar, Rare Earth Metal)
- Persistant Database for wanted list.
- Custom Icons for virtual items.
Kind Regards,
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