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17 April
Written by:MrNemesis
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Welcome to a very much WIP launch of the new Day0 website.  You will need to re-register on day0

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So thanks to a hosting stuff up the new Day0 website has been launched early.  This means not everything is 100% polished or fully setup.  Saying that the main core is up and working and ready for the community.  If you do find a bug or have a suggestion please post below.

Now for the Major changes:

  • You will need to re-register on the site as we had to do a full purge.  It was a tough decision but the wipe was necessary to allow new features to be implemented and clean up of inactive users and old content.
  • Donations have been rolled over from the old website but the individual donation listings won't be up until people re-register.
  • Forums have had a wipe and open to suggestions for a new structure.
  • New points system implemented, check out the Day0 points page for more info.
  • Linked site, forums and community in both style and function.
  • New fast navigation in header.
  • and heaps of other little changes



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